Managing the Money – Walmart Savings Catcher

Have you ever gotten behind someone in the checkout lane that was frantically scanning the sales ads to find the price to match? Yes? Me too!!  I’ve also been that person who was searching….. until I discovered the Walmart savings catcher app!
By far, this is my favorite app. I don’t have to worry about price comparisons (or hold up the line). The app does all of the work for me!
The instructions are simple. It is impossible to do this incorrectly. I scan my receipt before I leave the parking lot and I’m all done.  The money that I could have saved is added to my account.  I can cash out at any time.  A Walmart e-gift card is emailed to me.  It is that simple.
If you don’t have this installed, go to to set up your account.  If you need further instructions, there is also a video link that explains the process.

Here is an example from my latest shopping trip.


I hope that you have great success in saving your hard -earned money!




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