Quick Tip Tuesday – Tip # 3

On Tuesdays in June, I’m sharing quick posts about quick tips for saving money.  If you missed the first two weeks they are here and here.

I’m passionate about saving money on little things so that I can spend on things that I love.  For this week,  I’m sharing a tip that I just discovered myself (after 19 years in the classroom…I’m obviously behind).

Most hotels have an educator discount if you ask for it!  It is not advertised but I have asked three separate hotel chains when making reservations and each one did!

In April, this saved me $25 off of a one night stay!  That’s not a bad return for a asking a simple question…..first step of the scientific method. 😉

So if you’re in the field of education, make sure to ask for the discount as you’re making your next reservation.  You shouldn’t even have to use your teacher voice.

Happy Saving!  And big thanks for the job that you do!

sci method


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