About the Blog

Do you ever remember hearing a story or phrase but you can’t quite recall the time, place, or circumstances?  Have you rushed through conversations only to wish you had recorded them somehow?  Is there something that you’ve heard that is connected to a memory from long ago?

Being born and raised in rural Mississippi, there were no shortages of simple southern sayings.  This was one of my grandmother’s favorites.  It wasn’t reserved for any one particular event.  “Well, I declare” was used as her response from everything from a baby’s birth to the latest gossip at the beauty shop.  Only her tone changed.  Mix it in with an occasional  “Well, I swanee” and you could pretty much have a full conversation.

This blog was created to remember lessons that I’ve learned,  to document the new ones that I’m learning daily, and to share them with the hope of impacting lives. In the meantime, I hope to preserve a little of my life and history for my family here.